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Things To Consider

I am not anti-vaccine. However, in my research as a certified natural consultant for more than 18 years, and the mother of four, I would like to point out a few things to consider.

A child’s immune system and brain are not fully developed until about age 5 (this is verifiable in scientific journals). In the 1960s, most children, including my own, received four vaccines prior to school, by age 5; most measles, mumps, rubella and polio vaccines were administered separately. My youngest son, born in 1968, exhibited delayed speech and focus issues, but there was no science to reveal whether vaccines might have been involved — and he received the triple MMR that his older brothers did not.

Today, there is an increase in children’s inabilities to sit still and focus in school. I have had school psychologists tell me that the increase is staggering: ADD/ADHD, and the rise in autism is painfully showing up everywhere around the globe.

Today, a child has received 69 injections of vaccines by age 2, starting at the moment of birth in conventional hospitals. The so-called “vaccine protectors” are carried in a variety of suspensions to enable injection into their bloodstreams, and the sources of those suspensions are cleverly hidden by the drug manufacturers.

An adult is denied a flu and pneumonia shot at the same time, because it could be fatal — but a newborn infant has no such protection. When an adult fills a prescription from a doctor at a drug store, there is an insert in the bag detailing the “possible side effects,” but not so for infants being injected at birth or in a pediatrician’s office.

After years of research, I am an advocate of informed consent, full disclosure of ingredients, as well as possible side effects due to genetics and any predispositions.

That the state mandates vaccines without any consideration for an individual child’s possible side effects is, in my opinion, another form of genocide, but then state government could care less about the unborn, newly born or toddlers who have no other protection than the parents who brought them into this world, who are now forbidden to protect them. Just look at the last law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo about late-term abortions … do you think he cares about anything other than his own guaranteed income?

The Money in vaccines is substantial … those of us who want informed consent are not a major threat to the pharmaceutical industry. All we are asking for is published safety standards of ingredients, proven over a substantial amount if time.

Research, seek and you shall find!

Sharon Botto, CNHC, EFT, NES, Reki 2 Practitioner

SunShine Natural Health LLC

Sag Harbor


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