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Thoughtful Initiative

I would like to take a moment to say how pleased I am with the various interactions I have had with Andrew Pilaro and Mark Parash. It is particularly refreshing to be able to speak with people who have no animus. They do not perceive things reactively but rather use thoughtful initiative in each project they undertake. A good example of how they have served the community is our ranking of No. 2 in “Dr. Beach’s” top 10 best U.S. beaches of 2021.

Mark and Andrew oversaw the safety and management of Coopers Beach during the pandemic. These beach rankings are based on water, sand quality, and, most importantly, safety and management. The latter are of the utmost importance during a pandemic. Their diligent hard work allowed us to enjoy our natural resources and kept us safe at the same time. They continuously put the well-being of our community first.

Thank you, Mark and Andrew. I look forward to voting for you on June 18.

Anne Antilety

Southampton Village