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Time For Change

To follow up my last letter: With geocubes blocking a road in town, I began questioning, what for? Certainly, anyone can see what has happened in Hawaii. These structures have become memorialized after being built under temporary status. Typically, temporary would be anything under a year. Or, as the head of First Coastal touted at a meeting in June 2020 for a home at the end of Mulford Lane: “This will be temporary — two, three or five years.”

When the issues began to arise on Bay View Avenue in 2018, one question popped into mind: What was the site remediation bond set at? Anywhere else in the world, a coastal region would have this as a requirement before even building these structures. In East Hampton, geocubes didn’t have a requirement for site remediation bonds.

I’ve been advocating for these to be a requirement even stating at a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting in February 2021: “The words you are looking for are ‘site remediation bond’” in regards to the pressure equalization modules project.

Guess what? On May 11, I’ve been successful. It will be required for that project and is also now a requirement anywhere in town for any geocube structure.

Not a bad start for a millennial who isn’t even in an elected position. Making actual things happen. It’s much better than the current board squabbling over who was at a Bon Jovi concert.

Who will watch the watchers? We are watching. We are tired of it.

Instead, on November 2, turn to a new dawn with Ken Walles for supervisor, George Aman and myself, Joseph Karpinski, for Town Council. The distinguished businessman, the knowledge of an educator, the no-nonsense blue collar. We are this community. Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change. Yesterday’s gone, but tomorrow’s just starting.

Joseph Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a candidate for East Hampton Town Board on the Republican and Conservative lines — Ed.