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To The Colonel

Col. Peter Cuthbert, USAR, Ret., wrote a lengthy letter which appeared in last week’s issue [“Who Supports Biden?” Letters, October 22]. He said up front: “Let us now consider who will actually be voting for and/or supporting the Biden/Harris ticket.” He then listed “Marxists, Socialists, anarchists, atheists, looters and felons,” and “those who hate our flag, our national anthem and our military.” He continued on and on with similar name-calling.

Such vitriol and divisiveness is exactly what threatens our country and what makes it impossible for our government to govern.

Such division is sown every day by Donald Trump. Watch one of Trump’s rallies and you’ll see how he encourages hatred toward anyone who doesn’t agree with him. “Lock them all up,” was one of the rants he recently threw onto the fire.

Thank you for your service, Colonel. I too served in the military, and I too consider myself a patriot, along with millions of others who think the same way.

Joe Biden wants us to stop shouting hateful remarks at each other. He wants to bring Americans together, and bring Washington together to address the problems facing our country. He has stated many times that there shouldn’t be blue states and red states. There should only be the United States.

That’s why I’m voting for him.

Jim Marquardt

Sag Harbor


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