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Too Good To Be True

In light of “Jay-O” Schneiderman’s announcement that he might take his show on the road, with dreams of venues farther than the county [“Jay Schneiderman’s Lyrics Featured in Ballad Performed on ‘The Bachelorette,’”, October 26], I offer a song to speed him on his merry musical way. With the sincerest of apologies to the great lyricist Gus Kahn, join me in a sing-along to “It Had To Be You”:

Too good to be true!

Too good to be true!!

Schneiderman sounds … like he finally found

Something he could do.

A cliché or two, “The Bachlorette” skew,

Add a wedding or two

Some drumming by hand, a geriatric garage band:

And, it’s adieu!

Some others will run,

Oh, won’t that be fun!

Could be a toss, but “proba-ly” a better boss

That’s certainly true.

For nobody else leaves such a bill,

Back-room nods and taxes that kill.

It’s long overdue

Go back into the blue

Too good to be true!

(No encores, please!)

Frances Genevose