Trampled Law - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2021464

Trampled Law

Desecration at 501 Montauk Highway continues before any archaeological examination of the soil for Native ancestral bones.

What was all that fuss and bother about the graves protection legislation that supposedly was “passed”? What does that even mean now that the land at 501 has been denuded of its trees, while truckloads of dirt and sand cover the site, which has not yet had an archaeological investigation into the soil, as per that law?

The Shinnecock do not want to take this to the streets, but they are stronger than ever now, with many allies. But they do not want to fight; just to be treated with the respect due them as human beings. The graves protection legislation is being ignored and trampled.

Please tell me this isn’t just another broken treaty.

Heidi Rain Oleszczuk

Sag Harbor