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Travel Lanes Needed

I just finished reading the article on the proposed Hampton Bays bypass, which would utilize lands acquired using Community Preservation Funds to divert through traffic away from the Hampton Bays “Main Street” [“Hampton Bays Bypass Plan: Town Board Yields To State Lawmakers, Asks For Their Greenlight,”, June 9].

Go back to the 2017 supervisors debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters at Rogers Memorial Library, between Jay Schneiderman and me. During that debate, a question was posed about the lengthy traffic delays caused by the trade parade. Jay was talking about the advantages coming with the Long Island Rail Road Hamptons Commuter rail. While I agreed that would benefit some people, I stated that we were going to need to consider additional travel lanes for cars if we wanted to alleviate the problem in any substantive way.

If you look back at the tape, Jay stated that there would be no additional travel lanes proposed or constructed while he was supervisor.

Of course, anyone with a desire to actually find a viable solution knows that Jay’s comments were pure political B.S. They also know additional travel routes are going to need to be created to deal with this daily, year-round issue.

This Hampton Bays “bypass” will be de facto additional lanes going toward Southampton. It will alleviate some of the congestion in downtown Hampton Bays and put additional traffic on parallel/primarily residential roads.

I would appreciate if someone in the press would refer back to that debate and ask Jay the simple question about what happened to that pledge.

Ray Overton

Westhampton Beach