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Turning The Tables

Leaving aside the cognitive disconnect inherent in the fact that Mr. Robins is himself acting as a politician by engaging in a political contest, I have no patience for this badly flawed view. Whoever originated it just didn’t understand the American system.

We are a democracy, and politics is how a democracy operates on a day-to-day basis. Politicians, and no one else, are the people who make democracy work.

If you look down on politicians, you might just as well look down on plumbers and electricians, the people who make our houses work. It’s the same thing.

Greg Robins’s attitude toward those who make things work is — how shall I say? — snobbish, and ill becomes someone going out to the people and asking for their votes.

There’s another troubling item in Mr. Robins’s letter, a real whopper. Referring to Supervisor Jay Schneiderman, he says: “Our current supervisor fast-tracks the overdevelopment of our town into a replica of Queens …” This is rich — it really is. With all respect to Queens, what Mr. Robins describes is exactly the situation that Jay Schneiderman and his team found after years of Republican rule. Mr. Robins has it right, except it’s his guys who were doing the fast-tracking.

Turning the tables, accusing your opponent of doing just what you yourself have been doing, is an old tactic. It’s not surprising that the local GOP would be using this, as new ideas have never been their strong point.

Nor are they very big on specifics; at least Greg Robins isn’t in this letter, which is wholly devoid of any facts to support his broad-brush attack. It’s a triumph of vagueness, which may be a good description of Mr. Robins.

In addition to the many accomplishments of the Schneiderman administration, Greg Robins himself has so far proved to be a very good reason to vote for Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and his team, including John Bouvier and Craig Catalanotto for Town Council, Gordon Herr for tax receiver, and Ann Welker, Bill Pell, and Captain Andy Brosnan for Trustee. Election Day is November 5.

George LynchQuiogue Mr. Lynch is treasurer of the Southampton Democratic Committee — Ed.


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