Twelve Sounds - 27 East


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Twelve Sounds

“The Twelve Sounds on the Flight Path to KHTO,” a poem by Clifford Lavine:

On the flight path to KHTO,

These sounds were heard by me:

Twelve crows a-cawing;

Eleven dogs a-barking;

Ten garbage trucks a-crushing;

Nine children yelling;

Eight lawn mowers a-mowing;

Seven geese a-honking;

Six construction vehicles a-beeping;

Five radios blasting;

Four motorcycles revving;

Three ospreys screeching;

Two Yorkies yapping;

One mother screaming;

And a police siren or two (or maybe it was just a TV?).

Clifford I. Lavine

Sag Harbor

Mr. Lavine is a member of the East Hampton Aviation Association and the East Hampton Community Alliance — Ed.