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Twisted Facts

Pursuant to the briefing Ed Hartnett gave the trustees [“Consultant Refutes Task Force Criticism Of Southampton Village Police Attributed To His Firm,”, May 19], it seems even more shameful that Mayor Jesse Warren believed he could singlehandedly employ someone to do a job, then basically attempt to refute everything the person found because it did not agree with what Mayor Warren wanted him to discover.

What other fake news is Mayor Warren pushing on us? Are we to believe it just because he says it is so? Are we to believe it just because he gets a group of his cronies to slant a report the way he wants it to read?

It actually takes unmitigated gall to do that when the writer of the original report won’t accept the revised conclusions. It begs the question: What is in this for people who are willing to twist facts to satisfy the mayor’s whim?

We have come to a point where politics are superseding the real needs of our community. We have a superior police department that, rather than being torn apart, needs to be bolstered. Mr. Hartnett made valid suggestions to strengthen and tighten the workings of the department in order for them to better serve our community.

In this political turmoil, we need to make sure we don’t lose sight of what is important and what best aids and serves our village.

At minute 1:02 of Mayor Warren’s “two years in two minutes” video, he boasts about increasing the law enforcement funding by almost three quarters of a million dollars. Why would he boast about that — and then question their funding?

Mayor Warren, why aren’t your handlers being consistent in your messaging? If your aspirations are senatorial, you better find a team that is up to that kind of challenge.

John Gang

Southampton Village