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Two Stand Out

I am endorsing Sandi Kruel and Helen Roussel for the Sag Harbor School District’s Board of Education. At a time when everyone is feeling the financial impact of the COVID-19 virus, I am compelled to endorse candidates who are committed to financial and educational accountability.

Sandi Kruel had served on the BOE for several years and recently took a break. Over the past two years, I observed Sandi participating as a member of the public at BOE meetings. Sandi asks pointed questions of the board and Administration. Sandi keeps asking why there is so much money left over in the fund balance, why raises are given out that aren’t budgeted for, and why the fund transfers to the Sag Harbor Learning Center (formerly Stella Maris) have not been transparent. In addition, Sandi has asked why taxpayers don’t get a rebate when there is a surplus of funds? Those are real good questions.

Some members of the current board have dropped the ball on controlling finances. For example, the current board made a deal with an interim superintendent who was unable to finish the job and was given $30,000 for one month’s work to assist the next interim superintendent. Does that make sense? Some members of the School Board think that there is an endless amount of money. Not true!

Sandi has always been a strong advocate for the athletic programs and wants all students to succeed. She cares for the students like her own children. This is why I believe Sandi Kruel deserves to be on the BOE.

Helen Roussel’s skills and experience helping special needs children are needed on the BOE. She started an organization for dyslexic children, so she is well-versed in the needs of special education students. She has volunteered her expertise at the Sag Harbor Elementary School and now wants to help all students in the district.

Helen is all about educational and financial accountability. She has plans to examine the goals of the BOE, particularly measuring student achievement and how goals can be met more efficiently. Helen’s focus is on college readiness for all — gifted students, average students and special needs students. In my opinion, Helen wants to know why all students are not achieving better grades if the taxpayers are spending approximately $45,000 per pupil.

Helen Roussel has the right focus to balance the skills and knowledge on the BOE. I ask that you please consider voting for Sandi Kruel and Helen Roussel.

As the district’s proposed budget for 2020-21 has the cost per pupil at roughly $45,237, it’s time for more of us to get involved. Please vote when you receive your absentee ballot. Your ballot must be received by June 9.

Elena Loreto

Sag Harbor


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