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Two Standouts

After reading about so many vacancies on boards of education around the East End, it is great to see a race of write-in candidates in Sag Harbor.

Public schools have a tough job, and Sag Harbor is no exception. One of the challenges is balancing different viewpoints, state law, contracts, limited budgets, and ensuring that all children in our community receive the best possible education.

To do that, one must be able to listen to all sides calmly and professionally, do your homework (and there’s a lot of it in board service), and then work collaboratively to achieve what is best for our children, school district and taxpayers.

Two candidates this year stand out for me: Grainne Coen and Ronald Reed. Both have served on board committees, including audit, policy and educational facilities. Both are known as smart, reasonable and compassionate. Both have experience that will be invaluable to the functioning of the board and the school district. And both are deeply involved in our local community and committed to Sag Harbor schools.

As a former Sag Harbor School Board member, who ran and served to promote health and wellness, the choice is clear: Please elect Grainne Coen and Ronald Reed to the Sag Harbor School Board.

Susan Lamontagne

Sag Harbor

Lamontagne served as a board member from 2016 to 2019 — Ed.