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Unacceptable Delays

I was on the Zoom meeting last week and am really extremely puzzled and upset. The severity of the case of the Schiavoni property and its continued delay is not acceptable to me as a taxpayer. This case has been going on for seven years, to the great expense and emotional stress of the Schiavoni family.

The numerous redrawing of architectural plans, attorney fees, traffic studies, snow removal, real estate taxes and surveys, not to mention the extreme loss of rental income over the years, is unbelievable. They have been on the Zoning Board of Appeals agenda 24 times over these years. This seems excessive and unacceptable and an embarrassment to the village.

As a resident of Sag Harbor, I ask that the zoning board call a special meeting of the entire board to address this vote before the scheduled December meeting.

Nancy F. Achenbach

Sag Harbor