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Unbecoming Behavior

On Thursday, January 12, I attended a Southampton Village Board of Trustees meeting to comment on the village’s “assessed value” process and to listen to my neighbors’ comments on the traffic situation.

Unfortunately, and to my dismay, I witnessed some of the most unprofessional and unbecoming conduct that I have seen in my multi-decade career.

The trustees, without any notice to the public, railroaded off topic and off agenda to introduce items that had nothing to do with the topics at hand. They repeatedly and disgracefully attacked the mayor, who conducted himself with an impressive level of composure.

I was disappointed that none of the topics of interest to the public were addressed. I was impressed and encouraged that we have a mayor who took the high road and showed grace and class despite the despicable attacks.

When proposed Police Chief Anthony Carter took the podium, backed up by five uniformed police officers, I felt I was witnessing a third world coup. I hope the police officers were off duty.

In the future, I would encourage the “Tammany Hall” trustees, whom, ironically and sadly, I voted for, because they said they would support the mayor, to follow basic decorum and policies and procedures when handling the public business.

David Rung

Southampton Village