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Unequal Treatment

Joe Biden was found guilty of taking classified documents over his 50-year political career, which he knew was prohibited by national security rules. This is incontrovertible. This occurred while he was a senator and vice president.

Unlike a president, who may secure documents related to their term in office, Mr. Biden removed the documents illegally, period. He does not deny this and admits to their possession.

The special prosecutor made remarks that said that Mr. Biden, though guilty, would not be prosecuted due to his inability to recall basic facts related to his past and his generally degenerative cognitive abilities, which would make it difficult to secure a conviction.

This abuse of a classified files charge is the exact same violation that Hillary Clinton was guilty of and not charged with by FBI Director James Comey as Ms. Clinton was running as a presidential candidate in 2015.

Former President Donald Trump was similarly charged by the Justice Department with removing classified documents. However, he was permitted as the president to do so.

Jack Smith, the federal prosecutor, is dispensing a very unequal standard of justice in bringing this case. Remembering how unequal the treatment for the same crime, Mr. Trump, who had many other issues with the Justice Department during his term as president, nonetheless made a significant error in obstructing this effort.

This apparent difference in treatment, which has run all through the Trump era, has not been lost on Americans not suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. The relentless persecution of Trump, warranted or otherwise, has turned opinion of what once was confidence in a system of blind justice to something quite different today.

President Biden has become a serious liability as our commander-in-chief and leader of the free world. His cognitive diminishment has now been corroborated (as a majority of America already believes) by the commentary of Robert Hur as special counsel in his report on Mr. Biden’s testimony regarding the illegal possession of classified documents.

Americans, not just Democrats, must face the unavoidable truth that he is unfit to serve today, let alone for another term. Trump derangement syndrome is not enough on its own to justify support of this failing president.

Unfortunately, the Democratic vice president is incompetent and is also unacceptable to lead our nation in these dangerous times. Democrats will be very uncomfortable bypassing an African American woman. I doubt the spin that no doubt will be forthcoming from the liberal media will be able to throw shade on this debacle.

I take to pleasure in discussing these issues. I make these remarks hoping that politics as usual will not continue to handicap our nation further.

Ed Surgan