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Unseemly Letters

I was shocked at the lack of sensitivity that was displayed in two Letters to the Editor that appeared online recently. They both used the recent profoundly tragic building collapse in Florida to further personal agendas.

I’m not sure if the writers meant to come off like they did, but using dead Americans in unsuccessful attempts to change opinions is unseemly at best.

One author described the trauma of losing a painting to a water leak 40 years ago before being forced to relocate to the Hamptons from her “glamorous penthouse” [“You Know The Story,” 27east.com]. How that comes close to losing 200 lives and lifetimes of memories and possessions is beyond me.

Another writer clumsily worked to tie the tragedy to the climate, i.e.: “As horrible as this event was, it’s nothing compared to the warnings about the climate” [“Move Mountains,” Letters, July 8]. Huh?

This concept of never letting a tragedy go to waste is not the way we should operate, in my opinion.

Kevin Luss