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Update, And Thanks

I was riding my bike on Hill Street last Saturday morning when I fell off.

The next thing I remember is two men helping me up. I think they both had beards and said they were brothers. I said I was fine, but, in fact, I was disoriented and didn’t recall what had just happened.

They insisted on helping me into the passenger seat of their car and had me sit quietly until I regained my bearings. A local policeman also stopped to help. Then, the two brothers put my bike into the back of their car and, at my request, drove me into the village for an exercise class to which I was headed.

I was in no condition to take the exercise class, of course — but other than feeling a bit banged up, I’m fine.

I am writing to just share my gratitude to the two anonymous men and policeman.

Eric Rayman

Southampton Village


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