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Very Thankful

I know we are all going through difficult times, and anyone in leadership now is subject to being in the light of making critical decisions that could be scrutinized or praised in the months and years to come.

I think we all agree this is absolutely not the time to have a “political war,” when, literally, people’s lives are at stake.

We know that the Village of Southampton is known worldwide as a “wealthy resort” that has drawn millions from all over the world, whom we rely on to maintain our economy/budgets, and also afford locals a lower property tax rate, for which, as a homeowner, I am very thankful.

Being here, I see, somewhat, the comparison of how important tourism and worldwide visitors are to our economy, and we are truly blessed — the Village of Southampton is a beautiful place, rich with nature and phenomenal beaches.

Let’s together take care of our village and the people and their families who have lived, remembering we can never forget to represent the local people in all of our various communities.

I pray we all get through this and, on the other side of this, the Village of Southampton overall and we all personally will be better human beings, reflecting on what’s really the most important essentials in life.

I think someone of success and wealth on their deathbed can say it best.

Brenda Simmons

Southampton Village


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