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Village Staple

We, the residents of Southampton Village, are a mere five minutes from midnight if we are to save our last, cherished local institution from closing because of the greed of a landlord.

Of course, I’m talking about Schmidt’s Market on North Sea Road [“Schmidt’s Market Will Close After 43 Years in Business,”, October 3], opposite our local post office, a longtime favorite grocery store with unmatched affordable meats, staples from prime sources, fruits and vegetables of farmstand quality, and an irreplaceable source of breakfast and man-sized, economy-priced lunch box foods for the village working men.

You bet I have an irreconcilable conflict of interest: I’m a daily customer for my hot breakfast bacon and eggs and regular coffee.

Literally, Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren and his administration have two weeks or so to intervene. Our message: Keep Schmidt’s Market in our village. Keep Schmidt’s Market feeding the money-conscious, smart local family shoppers. Keep Schmidt’s Market open from 5 a.m. all week as breakfast place for the crews of Leo’s Electrical electricians, Mulvaney’s plumbers, Hardy’s plumbers — in other words, all those guys who make our houses livable and our backyards green and flourishing.

There’s a crew of the most efficient, friendly, smiling women — the short-order cooks and order takers — in the back of the store, ready to give you your made-to-order breakfast, whether hot, delicious French toast, or eggs and bacon and cheese on huge rolls, or many other man-sized breakfasts at affordable prices.

If you can’t afford a five-minute wait, filled with local gossip from the big guys who are regular customers, then phone ahead to 631-651-1228, and the incredible women who also fix your lunch box foods will have your breakfast order ready when you get there. And they know all their regulars by name.

It’s a rare opportunity for our Southampton mayor to make up to our village for the three-year-plus illegal closing of the iconic brick courtyard, a major contributing structure to historic Jobs Lane, for 30 previous years a favorite meeting place for local visitors and out-of-town and international visitors with a love for our historic village. Better lawyers can get that iconic brick courtyard back for our enjoyment. But even the best lawyers can’t get our Schmidt’s Market back if our mayor lets them be chased out of our village.

Mayor Jesse, stop winking at developers. Listen to your voters.

Evelyn Konrad

Attorney at law