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Vital Changes

As a lifelong resident of Southampton Village, I am dismayed to see The Southampton Press [“Two Sides Of A Coin,” Editorial, November 7] and some of our former politicians [“Sound Advice,” Letters, November 14] attack Mayor Jesse Warren’s efforts to make long-needed change.

For almost 20 years, the storm clouds have been building on the horizon. Overdevelopment and shortsighted decisions have led to a blighted village center (no more post office, former Parrish Art Museum or library in the walkable center); an exodus of local residents pushed out by a poor and purposely lax zoning process, which leaves only oversized McMansions on formerly charming streets; and an outdated village infrastructure, in spite of a heavy tax burden. Meanwhile, our lakes and ponds are dying from runoff and septic issues that are only beginning to be addressed.

Mayor Warren should be applauded for having the strength to try to set up an objective and broad-based team to make the vital changes our village needs. The path we have been on is not sustainable!

Of course, development interests will fight hard to maintain the control they have enjoyed these past years. It is essential that the trustees help the mayor find solutions to these long-standing issues.

Diane Deutschmann



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