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Vital Presence

Deeply grateful to have the continued support of the people of the Town of Southampton to carry on the critically important work of the Trustees of the Freeholders of the Town of Southampton. It is more important than ever that this historic board maintain its strong voice and vital presence in this coastal community in the face of challenges on multiple fronts. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the board to carry on the mission of stewardship of the waterways, protection of public access to beaches, and addressing challenges of sea level rise.

I am honored to continue to serve with Trustees Ed Warner, Scott Horowitz and Bill Pell, and to wish President Eric Shultz many thanks, as he has devoted a lifetime of distinguished service to not only the Town of Southampton but especially to the Board of Trustees. Extending a warm welcome to Bill Parash, the newly elected member of the board, and looking forward to working with him.

There was an incredible slate of new candidates who ran for various elected offices this term. Each of these candidates is making a valuable contribution to our community just by saying yes to running, by having the courage to put themselves out there in so many different ways, and I sincerely hope that we have not seen the last of Andrew Brosnan, Martha Reichert and Will Peckham, the candidates for Town Trustee, on our ballots.

Many thanks as well to all those who made my reelection possible: especially to my mom, Mary Welker, for her tireless support and inspiration; to my brother, J.T., without whom the signs would not be standing and my dad’s Rover would not be running; and to Vinny McGann, for mobilizing the watermen and waterwomen of our community.

Grateful acknowledgment to the entire Southampton Town Democratic Committee. To name but a few, Gordon Herr, George Lynch, Cynthia Neely, Robin Long. There are so many of you who assisted in numerous important ways during this season. Please know how valuable each and every word or gesture you contribute is to success of the candidates. The sharing of your time and experience is greatly appreciated.

A special thank you to each of you who took the time to vote in this election cycle. “Off-year elections,” such as this one, are when the Trustees, as well as other local officials, are on the ballot, and voter turnout is typically lower. Each of you who voted really made a difference. Please know: In local elections, your vote matters.

Ann E. Welker

Southampton Town Trustee