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Vote For Both

The two candidates for Sag Harbor mayor care greatly for the village and are qualified. Both have positions on issues that we agree with and several that we do not. The current makeup of the Village Board has a broad spectrum of business and personal experiences that should be an asset when deliberating on the matters of Sag Harbor.

A problem with elections and governing bodies is that it almost always creates an atmosphere of “I.” Constituents seem to ask, “What are you doing?” and the elected official often starts to think about what “I need to say or do.” The actions of Village Board members should not be a competition but a collaboration.

The election of Jim Larocca will create a trustee vacancy that the community will not have an opportunity to vote on to fill. The mayor fills the vacancy.

Kathleen Mulcahy has done an admirable job during an unprecedented period in the United States. The Village Board did respond quickly to the pandemic. They kept the community informed and worked with businesses to allow modifications to their operations. It was a demonstration of good teamwork.

Many of the difficult decisions facing the board today have been hindered by the antithesis. Board members are strategizing individually with business owners, residents, community organizations and prospective project managers. Kathleen, Jim Larocca, Aidan Corish and Bob Plumb are all deserving of continuing their work on the Sag Harbor Village Board, along with Tom Gardella. We need to hold them to a standard of transparency and partnership with community.

We are voting for Kathleen Mulcahy for Sag Harbor mayor. Our ballot will be a vote for Jim Larocca as well. They both deserve to remain in office.

Stop the chest-pounding and finger-pointing and join the residents of the village in protecting our great resources while continuing to make the best decisions on the inevitable changes in its future.

Russell Kratoville

Tiffany Scarlato

Sag Harbor