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Vote For Unity

As a Southampton Town resident, I often follow village politics without getting involved. However, the current state of division and dysfunction in the village is very concerning and impossible to ignore. This is the first time that I can recall political signs pertaining to a village election plastered throughout the town.

Village employees in various departments are vital members of our community. They work extremely hard for the taxpayers, and they deserve our support and the support of the mayor.

Imagine a company with several unhappy and disgruntled employees. Would productivity be at its best? How could a business run efficiently if it’s constantly cycling through new staff? Shouldn’t the leader of the company be held accountable for these issues?

Michael Irving is a very kind, knowledgeable, responsible and respectable person whom I’ve know closely for the last 20 years. He knows how to lead Southampton by understanding the issues and focusing on community unity. Michael has always been able to interact with people in a way that feels genuine. He makes a point to listen to the members of his community and makes sure they feel valued and important.

Michael possesses the experience, know how, positive attitude and willingness to lead the village without anonymous groups pulling the strings. With six years on the Planning Board, four years as a trustee, and two as mayor, his resumé speaks for itself.

I encourage the residents of Southampton Village to vote in this very important upcoming election on June 18. Vote for unity. Vote for decency. Vote for the SV-21 team of Michael Irving for mayor and Mark Parash and Andrew Pilaro for trustee.

Peter D’Angelo

Water Mill