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Vote ‘No’ Trend

Besides reading The Southampton Press and regularly, I also check out all the local political Facebook pages and websites, to get a well-rounded feel for what is going on politically in Suffolk County.

When I came to the Facebook site of the Southampton Republican (insurrectionist) Party, I was shocked by one of the first entries I read — shocked because I was in total agreement with the writer, Nick LaLota.

His entry reads as follows: “Washington is broken. For too long, D.C. politicians have disregarded the will of the American people and spent their time in Congress furthering their own agendas. It’s time to restore Congress with leaders who serve the American people.”

Since Mr. LaLota announced his candidacy to replace Congressman Lee Zeldin, aka “Congressman No,” I find his attack on “Congressman No” and his fellow Republican/insurrectionist a rather strange approach to campaigning, especially since he agrees with his party’s objectives.

For the record, Congressman Zeldin voted no to most COVID-related bills, including Build Back Better, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the Investment in America Act, to name a few. Additionally, Zeldin voted no to Protecting Medicare, Freedom to Vote (John R. Lewis), the Family Violence Prevention Service Act, the Affordable Insulin Now Act, and so many more programs that were designed to help the American public in these difficult times.

With his long, proven track record of “no” votes, why would anyone consider voting for Zeldin for New York State governor — and LaLota to continue the “no” vote trend?

Yes, I agree with Mr. LaLota: It’s time for a change in Congressional District 1.

Stephen Ring
Hampton Bays