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Vote Republican

With no fewer than three letters written in support of candidate Bridget Fleming for our 1st Congressional District seat in the Letters space on October 5, I would like to offer some thoughts in rebuttal.

I do not know Ms. Fleming, and on a social level we might even get along very nicely, but this election has nothing to do with whether either of us is likable.

The issue at question is what kind of congresswoman will the Democrat Bridget Fleming be if elected.

Well, we know from her friends’ letters that she is for a woman’s right to chose. I have no problem with her personal view on this issue, but I doubt she agreed with our Supreme Court that this question should never have been made by unelected government officials.

Sadly, even if she is moderate as an individual and has always respected our Constitution and the separation of powers, if elected she will be coerced into voting for legislation originating from the far left of her party to pack the court, ignore the Electoral College as an anachronism, and maybe even vote for the statehood of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. She will have no chance at being the Bridget Fleming you voted for, but instead support, in lockstep, the most radical efforts to undermine our Constitution. At risk will be our love of free market capitalism, individual freedom and speech.

Ms. Fleming will, if elected, join the chorus of those Democrats keeping Americans hostage to the climate mandates that have made us slaves to foreign sources for our fuel while enriching our adversaries with our premature plunge into the alternative energy abyss that requires energy and rare materials unavailable from friendly sources. The batteries, cars and turbines needed to transition to this utopia are all built at our economic peril. Our climate will not stop evolving, as it has and always will.

Ms. Fleming will vote with her party to support regulation that will keep New York State from realizing its energy potential. She will vote for legislation that will extend the inflation that Democrats refuse to take ownership of. She will waste her time trying to blame everything wrong with America on the former president, whether he runs, is indicted or not, as there is no vaccine to protect Democrats from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

We now have crime, compliments of the Democrats, that has run rampant in our cities and is spreading. And immigration chaos, compliments of President Joe Biden.

Let’s not make Bridget Fleming have to explain how she got mixed up in all this. Vote Republican. Democrats have destroyed a prosperity rarely enjoyed in recent history.

Ed Surgan