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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2199622

Water Quality Matters

My name is Matt Parsons, and I am running for Southampton Town Trustee.

As a resident of East Quogue, I have enjoyed the hard work the Southampton Town Trustees have done managing our waterways and beach access. In East Quogue, the Trustees were involved in rebuilding the boat ramp and dock at the end of Bay Avenue, a ramp I regularly use, and they did a great job.

The same goes for Baycrest Avenue in Westhampton. I keep my boat on a mooring anchor there, and I am grateful for the investment they made to ensure quality access for the residents of Southampton Town.

Now, I would like to use my expertise and experience as a marine biologist and a bayman to help ensure that the Trustees can continue to improve Southampton residents’ lives regarding beach access, water access and habitat management.

I am a big believer in the importance of marine habitat and shellfish restoration projects to restore our bays’ water quality and our commercial fishermen’s livelihoods. I would love to see the Trustees begin installing floating upwelling systems, or FLUPSYs, at some of their properties. These systems can help turbocharge the growth of juvenile shellfish before they are placed out in the open waters.

I have seen how effective spawner sanctuaries can be for the health of the entire bays. The idea is that you stock large numbers of shellfish in a protected area. That area will both effectively filter the water and broadcast the next generation of shellfish to the areas of the bay where they can be harvested.

Building oyster reefs out of recycled oyster shells has been happening for many years in the Chesapeake Bay, but it is also starting to be used here on Long Island. The Trustees deserve credit for having already built some of these reefs. If elected to the Trustees, I will push to find ways and areas where we can build more of these beneficial habitats.

I hope to use my experience and connections as a marine biologist and commercial bayman to help ensure that the Trustees can continue their essential work. You can learn more about me and my campaign at mattparsons.info, or follow me on Instagram and Facebook, @Matt4Trustee.

Matt Parsons

East Quogue