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We Can Do It Again

I hesitated to write a Letter to the Editor this week, because it seemed too unbearable to talk about the carnage in an elementary school in Texas. It seemed too unbearable to plead with people to vote for politicians who support reasonable gun laws.

It seemed as if I was living in a twilight zone of sorts to believe that good, honest, loving people need to be reminded that responsible gun laws — statistically speaking — reduce deaths by guns. They do. Significant research has been done, and that is a fact.

So, where will it end? Will we continue to allow our children, teens, innocent citizens to be slaughtered? Is it because a small minority doesn’t value human lives more than it values its egocentric hobbies? Because one small group doesn’t want their profits reduced? Because a small minority in Congress is so selfish?

This has nothing to do with the right to bear arms — it has to do with responsibility and accountability when purchasing and owning a lethal weapon. Gun sales will still have a place in the commerce of this country, but they can be responsible, and monitored appropriately.

We got it right when we passed so many laws requiring responsibility and accountability with automobiles. I pray we can do it again. There is no other course of action that makes sense.

Paula Angelone

Southampton Village