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We Listen

In a recent letter, Dick Sheehan describes two local situations in which Westhampton Beach Mayor Maria Moore listened carefully to him, followed up and reported back [“Moore Praise,” Letters, March 9]. He writes that these things took place while Mayor Moore was handling the transformation of downtown Westhampton Beach with a sewer system and the total renovation of Main Street.

Mr. Sheehan notes that Maria Moore is now running for Southampton Town supervisor. He thinks she’s an excellent choice for the job, based on her balancing major projects with attention to individual citizen concerns.

Maria Moore’s resume is full of good things, but perhaps the best is that she, and the entire Democratic ticket she leads, offer government that listens.

Government that listens. It can be done. Some have called for more listening from town officials lately, and, one way or the other, I say you can never have too much listening. It’s the people who call the shots in our system, and government must pay attention.

It’s not just Maria Moore who listens. Town Council candidate Bill Pell has been listening to the people and working for them for 14 years as a Trustee. Michael Iasilli, our other council candidate, has worked on the campaigns and staffs of elected officials since 2014. He knows that if you don’t hear the voters, you don’t get the votes.

David Glazer is the Democratic candidate for tax receiver. A long and varied business career has taught him the same lesson, that success depends on paying close attention to the consumer.

Town Justice candidate John Ortiz clearly has what’s called judicial temperament. This important qualification for any judge is also a matter of listening — listening carefully and respectfully to the parties in every case.

We have five candidates for Town Trustee: Bianca Collins, Margaret Friedlander, Rainbow Chavis, Joe McLoughlin and Daniel Van Arsdale. They will bring different backgrounds and qualifications to the board, but all are running on the Democratic line, and hence all are listeners, because the founding principle of the Democratic Party is that the people are in charge. We always listen — that’s what makes us Democrats.

Let me not omit Ann Welker, our choice for Suffolk County legislator. It’s not a town race, but Ann’s long experience as a Town Trustee makes her yet another good listener who’ll convey our concerns to the county every day.

So if you want government that hears your voice, join me in voting Democratic in November.

George Lynch


Lynch is communications chair for the Southampton Democratic Committee — Ed.