We Mark Our Ballot: For State Assembly - 27 East


We Mark Our Ballot: For State Assembly

authorStaff Writer on Oct 30, 2020

Yet again this year, a “straw woman” candidate is on the Republican line on Tuesday’s ballot for the seat in the State Assembly from the 1st District, which includes the South Fork — there’s been no active campaign, no serious effort to mount a challenge. But a line is a line, and anytime there are two names on a ballot, there’s a choice to make.

In truth, there is nothing to grapple with here: Regardless of where a voter falls on the political spectrum, a vote for Fred W. Thiele Jr. is the only sensible one.

There may be no elected official in the region who works as hard or is as effective in battling for the needs of his constituents. He’s at the center of every significant policy discussion, and he’s a font of expertise on most because of his long experience in several levels of local government.

In most regions, the retirement of a longtime state official like Kenneth LaValle would be disastrous. Because his frequent partner in Albany, Mr. Thiele, is still in his State Assembly post, the transition will be an easy one, and Mr. Thiele now takes over the mantle as the region’s true statesman. Every voter should eagerly support his reelection.