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We Need Sandi

I wholeheartedly endorse Sandi Kruel for Sag Harbor School Board. Sandi is exactly the kind of person we need at the helm as the school navigates the challenging years ahead.

While Sandi’s institutional knowledge and exceptional understanding of policies, procedures and contracts are important, as well as her commitment to transparency and fiscal accountability, it is who Sandi is that we need more than ever.

Sandi is all about the kids. When I had the privilege of serving on the Board of Education with her, she was always asking the question, “How will this help the kids?”

Much of the board’s work is on contracts and budgets, and Sandi made it her mission to keep the focus on the students. This included at School Board meetings, where she encouraged school leadership to have students and teachers come and present.

That same commitment is evident as one of those Sag Harbor moms that many of us have come to count on — there to give your kid a ride home when needed, to bring a meal when someone’s sick, or to support kids and families when they are having a tough time.

Sandi was also one of the School Board’s hardest-working members. In her last year on the board, she was honored for participating in more professional development than any other member. That is a welcome change from some of the current members who did not engage in board training until a member of the community FOILed the certificates.

And she always made herself available for meetings and has continued to attend meetings to ensure the board stays accountable and the community informed.

Sandi is not afraid to speak her mind, but she is just as willing to listen. She and I did not always agree and had some spirited debates, and yet her open-mindedness, extraordinary dedication and sense of humor led to a friendship for which I will be forever grateful.

I am excited to vote for Sandi. The Board of Education needs her. The school needs her. The kids need her. We need her!

Susan Lamontagne

Sag Harbor


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