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We The People

It was no serendipitous occurrence that Bronx-born Founding Father Gouverneur Morris began the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution with these words: “We the People of the United States …” It was the intention, from the very beginning, that our country would be the first country in history to be governed by “We the People.” No king, no emperor, no dictator or general — just “We the People.”

Every day, across New York’s 1st Congressional District, more people, young and old, male and female, join marches to proclaim the rebirth of this principle, “We the People.” I am proud to state that my candidate for Congress, Perry Gershon, is a participant.

But I really shouldn’t be surprised. During the past three years, Perry has driven over 65,000 miles in the 1st District to participate in local events. While Lee Zeldin hides from the voters of the 1st District, Perry has held in-person town hall meetings, taking questions from every person, regardless of political affiliation. When COVID-19 hit Suffolk County, and in-person town hall meetings were not an option, Perry set up virtual town halls, thus keeping his promise to the people of the 1st District.

This election is very important. Democracy, as we know it, is facing its greatest challenge. That is why I am asking all registered Democrats to vote in the primary for Perry Gershon. He can defeat Lee Zeldin in November and represent all of us — “We the People.”

Stephen Ring

Hampton Bays


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