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What About Us?

The recent article on Somerset and Bishop residents was interesting [“Traffic Study Recommendations Shared at Most Recent Southampton Village Board Meeting; Residents Frustrated at Return of Somerset Barrier,” 27east.com, February 14] — but what about us?

The neighborhood bordered by West Prospect, Pelham, Halsey and Hill streets (intersected by Armande and Howell streets) is being equally battered by traffic. Drivers have no regard for pedestrians/dogs — speeding through the streets, rolling through stop signs, speeding across Howell (two whole short blocks) to reach Pelham.

We have become a shortcut, just like the neighborhood that was the focus of your article. What about us?

I have two words for village leadership (if they can ever stop arguing): speed bumps. Since we cannot redirect cars to other streets, this is the only practical way to at least slow down the drivers who choose to race through our neighborhoods.

Jeanne Yoa-Reese

Southampton Village