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What Hope Feels Like

I awoke on Sunday morning hung over from what felt like a very bad dream.

I dreamed that I was caught in the middle of an unwieldy mob of people who were full of anger and hatred, confusion and fear, and who were making very, very bad choices. I was desperately trying find ways to either get away from them or reason with them, but things just kept getting worse. I felt trapped, and I was exhausted.

Then I realized: That’s what the last seven years have felt like. Finally, it was as if the fever had broken, with the results of the midterm elections. I was relieved that the American people had finally realized how important their vote is, and they came out to vote in droves. I was relieved that enough of the American people realized that the protection of democracy is the most important of all privileges we have in this country. I was relieved to feel that most Americans realized that extremists, of any type, are going to confuse us with their rhetoric and provoke us to behave out of fear.

So, after this nightmare of watching the passionate waving of flags (even made-up ones), of all the crazy phrases and conspiracy theories that mentally ill people have portrayed as truth, we will maybe be able to settle down — because the majority of the American people have said that kind of stuff is simply not OK.

We can also be assured that the world has been watching this American communal nightmare. Our allies are also relieved, and our enemies are less secure.

Whatever ambivalent feelings we have about Joe Biden, we can be certain that there will be no insurrection on his watch, that all lives and all religions really do matter, and that our beloved Constitution will be protected.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village