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What We Share

With less than a week until Election Day, I write to encourage voters to cast their votes. I am reminded that all politics is local and that the greatest impact your vote can have is for those candidates and issues that most directly reflect your values and community.

Regardless of how one might perceive the cliché that we have more in common than we don’t have in common, I firmly believe that is true. We all do breathe the same air, and we all do drink the same water. This is undeniable. We all share the same love for family and for our communities.

At the root of our great country and political system is the foundation of the right to representation and the right to choose our future together. I am always amazed by those who give so selflessly of their time to preserve and defend this process. Over the past years, in service as Councilman to the Town of Southampton, I have had the great fortune to meet and work with such people. They are the backbone and defenders of democracy. Each day they go about their business volunteering their time for the greater good.

I say to these volunteers, thank you for all that you do and know that your service given is appreciated by the quiet majority. I am proud to know you and serve with you, and I will be especially proud if you choose to acknowledge my service with your vote for town councilman on November 5.

Thank you.

John Bouvier


Southampton Town Board


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