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What You Get

I am someone who was once a proud political independent. However, I can safely say, based on the leaked Supreme Court document on Roe v. Wade and how Republican-controlled states are behaving regarding abortion, that if you elect Republicans, this is what you get.

Those Republicans who are in support of the reversal of Roe v. Wade are the same Republicans who do not support universal child care, child nutrition programs, universal daycare, or any social programs that provide care for disadvantaged mothers or children. They generally don’t believe money should be provided for such “social services.”

The Republican attorney general of Arkansas was recently asked on “The PBS NewsHour” how her state’s overwhelmed foster care system was going to manage the addition of unwanted children born due to the state’s imminent abortion ban. She avoided the question and instead explained how these children need “love” and would be adopted by “good Christian families.”

In fact, many Black and brown children who will be born during a ban on abortion are not going to be the ones adopted. They will be the ones raised in dysfunctional foster care systems, especially in poor southern states, which are overrepresented by these fanatical Republican politicians. Those are the children whom no one will provide for.

Women realize that children need to be provided for, which is why they make the heartbreaking choice to have abortions. But evidently these Republican states choose to ignore that forcing mothers to bear children requires more than hypothetical “love” to take care of them.

Elections and primaries are coming up. Vote Republican and this is what you get — and, probably, this is just the beginning.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village