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What’s Going On?

The School Board got a wakeup call when it recently had a walk through the building. Fortunately, a few of our School Board members — Chris Tice, Yorgos Tsibridis and Alex Kreigsman — tried to hold IBI Architectural/Engineering Services’ heels to the fire by demanding weekly status reports on the completion of work and expenses.

The delays and overruns of this major bond project makes you wonder. Where was the architect on this project? Is this the same architect who, several months into the renovation, “discovered” asbestos in the building? What kind of architectural review was done without identifying asbestos before the building was purchased?

I asked if there is a penalty clause for the delay in completing the project. The answer I was given is “no.” Who is responsible for overseeing this project? Who should be held accountable?

The district’s business administrator recently quit. So, last night, no one knew the exact cost of this project. The School Board asked IBI for those figures. In the meantime, the students are not able to use the facility, and the taxpayers keep footing the bill.

More community members should attend these School Board meetings. They are an eye-opener. The Noyac Civic Council members are upset with how this project has been handled — and they demand answers.

Elena LoretoPresident

Noyac Civic Council


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