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What’s Going On?

A couple of weeks ago, well before the October 31 deadline to have my boat out of Conscience Point Marina, I was met with overflowing garbage in the parking lot. It seems like the town forgot about the marina or just stopped caring.

This has been an issue all season long, as well as dirty restrooms, “out of order” signs on bathroom stalls, broken ladders, broken lights and more.

The last time I checked, we were in the middle of a pandemic! Extra care and disinfecting should be top priority, no?

But wait, there’s more.

As I filled my boat up at the overpriced gas dock, I was blown away by news: I was told that Strong’s Marine spent the entire week looking at Conscience Point Marine’s books, because they might be running it next year.

How is that even possible? l thought the marina was purchased with preservation money? Is the town trying to pull a fast one under the cover of COVID? Past letters to the editor seem to think so.

What’s really going on? The tenants at Conscience Point Marina are very concerned. Why don’t you care about us? Why don’t you let us know what’s going on?

Thomas E. McElrath Jr.



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