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What’s Missing

I read with great interest the Letter to the Editor from Col. Peter W. Cuthbert in the October 22 edition [“Who Supports Biden?”]. Col. Cuthbert has a whole list of accusations and grievances that he is attributing to Joe Biden.

Most of this list is either a gross exaggeration or something easily refutable by simply listening to what Joe Biden has said, in direct opposition to what Col. Cuthbert is trying to smear Mr. Biden with.

What is glaringly missing from the letter, however, is anything positive regarding President Trump’s record. As close as the colonel comes is to extol Trump as “an accomplished businessman.” Multiple bankruptcies, millions in debt to unknown creditors, and a legacy of stiffing small-business owners who had the misfortune of doing business with the Trumps is not the legacy of “an accomplished businessman.” Not to mention the sham university, stealing from a charity set up for veterans, and so much more.

Much like the Wizard of Oz, Trump doesn’t want anyone looking behind the curtain of his business world — and with good reason.

As to the record of this administration, I, too, would try to deflect and draw attention away from the actual record. Remember “Drain the swamp”? This is the “swampiest” administration in history, with more billionaires and lobbyists than any previous administration.

How about “I only hire the best people”? The turnover in this administration has been truly astonishing, with Trump lauding each new hire, then trashing them as they leave. If Trump only hires the best, why are they all so terrible when they leave? Doesn’t say much for his judgment.

Another goodie: “Build the wall” and “Mexico will pay for it.” Do you consider eight miles of actual new wall as fulfilling this promise? To accomplish this, Trump took away $3.6 billion that Congress had approved for needed military projects. Nothing to brag about here.

Trump has had more people associated with his campaign and administration indicted than any other president — and that includes Richard Nixon.

Trump ignored the “pandemic playbook” that was prepared and left for this administration when Obama left office, leaving us vulnerable to the exact situation we now find ourselves in.

Even the economy, which Trump repeatedly says was the greatest in the history of the United States (demonstrably false), is not all that he would like you to believe. Comparing Trump’s first three years (pre-COVID) to Obama’s final three years, we see Obama’s quarterly growth at 2.4 percent, and Trump’s at 2.5 percent.

Suffice it to say that Trump is what he has always been: a lying, intellectually vapid, self-centered bully. His presidency will be long remembered for being short on accomplishments but long on fear and divisiveness.

Harry Mainzer

East Quogue


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