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Where’s The Logic?

I think your editorial board has stooped to a new low by blaming the unvaccinated for the current omicron wave [“It’s Your Fault,” Editorial, December 16].

Just like this current administration, blaming others is easier than facing the truth. When leadership blames rather then leads, trust erodes — and, clearly, most no longer trust what this administration has to say. To present a false narrative by suggesting that we will vaccinate ourselves out of this pandemic is just wrong.

I have previously stated that another variant is just down the road — we just haven’t seen it yet. The most important group of individuals has already been vaccinated, and most have gotten their boosters. At this point, this country is safer from deaths from COVID because we have protected the elderly by getting them fully vaccinated and most of them boostered.

But, once again, the focus is on the unvaccinated to point blame at them for what is currently happening regarding COVID. No one disputes that vaccines have been the way to be safer from this virus than anything else — and, yes, everyone should get vaccinated. But to suggest that we can vaccinate ourselves out of this virus is just not accurate. We will have to live with this virus; it will continue to change and mutate. It’s not going away, because its a virus that has other dimensions to it that we have not seen before. The seasonality of this virus is clear, and mandates don’t work and they have stopped nothing.

Biden has had the benefit of a year of planning, and yet we still don’t have enough tests when people need them, even after the more deadly delta variant showed up. How is that possible?

Presently, we don’t even have a permanent head of the Food and Drug Administration, a colossal mistake considering all the new possible therapeutics that need approval.

He continues to have the same message since the primaries, and his approach is backward. The administration has learned nothing from the past. This, all along, was about outcome, and the outcome was to keep the elderly safe, and the present mandate to have healthy adults vaccinated when they don’t want to is just wrong.

It’s time to stop fear-mongering and blaming Middle America. Maybe it’s time for the Eastern elite to do some introspection. When was the last time we disagreed with conventional wisdom? Maybe it’s time to think for ourselves instead of being conformist idiots.

So, here’s some real clarity: It’s not about wearing the face mask; it’s about logic. And it’s no longer logical that those of us who have been vaccinated three times, and maybe even had COVID (me), should continue to wear masks. It is an absurdity.

Thomas Jones

Sag Harbor