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Who He Is

“A Party Of One” [Mostly Right, Opinion, September 3] is the latest example of the Trump dementia that Phil Keith has cobbled together posing as a Conservative. He wastes precious space in our paper opining about his distaste for the president, space I wish I had (Mr. Shaw) to raise the level of this sophomoric column.

I have no personal animus toward Mr. Keith, just his writing on this subject, which, like a dish served too often and now gone bad, should be discarded.

Mr. Keith has no clue about why Mr. Trump is popular among his base. His view of us is similar to the “deplorables” elitist insult Hilary made infamous. It was a foolish comment then, and you are equally ignorant now.

We, the base, are not so much Republicans as nationalists who have responded to the message of “Making America Great Again.” It is a model for rejecting the Progressive effort to “cancel” the most advanced political experiment in human freedom this earth has witnessed.

Like our founders, we are (as you referred to us) “malcontents” who believe that government has become corrupt as it has infringed more and more on our freedom.

Donald Trump accomplishes things unencumbered by the restraints of normal politics. His record embarrasses the traditional politicians who get little done other than their own reelection. And so he is reviled.

You embrace Joe Biden as the “anti-Trump.” He is “goodness.” He is the “Tom Sawyer” candidate. He is also the product of almost a half century in office. Think of it!: 47 years getting a check from us, and yet he is most famous for his ability to chose the wrong side of countless arguments. There is no legislative accomplishment to distinguish him in all those years.

Trump, in one term, has secured our border, lowered taxes and reduced excessive regulation, confronted China and its world expansion, put Iran in a tight box after pulling out of our disastrous treaty that Joe Biden endorsed, moved our embassy to Jerusalem as we said we would years ago, secured a diplomatic breakthrough with Israel and the United Arab Emirates, overseen American energy independence, renegotiated NAFTA , made NATO allies meet their obligations, and had the highest employment levels in decades.

Care to compare, Mr. Keith?

News flash! Biden finally condemns Antifa. He was unable to respond until Trump took the initiative.

Sadly, this is who he is.

Ed Surgan



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