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Who Will Stop Him?

Trump, the most corrupt occupant in the history of the White House, who has busily filled the swamp with fellow creatures from the Black Lagoon, is interested in cleaning up corruption in Ukraine? Are you kidding?

Joe Biden went to Ukraine to pressure for the removal of their corrupt prosecutor, who was subsequently fired and replaced with the prosecutor who is cleaning up the country, and Burisma. According to Ukraine’s prosecutor, Nazar Kholodnytsky, the corruption being referred to occurred before Hunter Biden joined Burisma’s board of directors. Ukraine has no interest nor reason to investigate the former vice president’s son — except for the pressure from Trump.

Meanwhile, the defensive anti-tank weapons Ukraine desperately needs to defend itself from Russian and Putin’s aggression have a proviso that forbids their use against Russia. If the Gang of Putin is truly interested in ridding the world of corruption, they can start with ridding us of Trump and every member of his cabinet.

If the GOP does not convict the criminal traitor, who will stop him from canceling the 2020 election? Not the Congress! Not the Supreme Court, since Trump has filled it with ideologues! Not the Department of Justice under William Barr! Not the press! And not you! Trump will be installed as our autocratic ruler, and the GOP will continue their lock on the Senate.

Good luck avoiding this.

Lance Corey



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