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Why The Rush?

The Community Preservation Fund was used to secure land on Magee Street and County Road 39 meant for open space, but this CPF property is now being proposed to support a massive sports complex, claiming it is for community benefit.

The public needs time to review what this means to the CPF and to consider the effects of the proposed development on the surrounding area and Southampton Village.

Why rush to change the designation on this specific piece of property? And will it then be easier to change the designation on other CPF properties to allow buildings?

Open space is needed to preserve our water supply, especially if the area is near town or village wells. This summer, the water authority asked residents to reduce their consumption.

This proposed sports complex would increase land and water use significantly, plus add traffic to Southampton Village streets. The area of County Road 39 and Magee Street is already under great stress due to the trade parade exiting Southampton Village. Homeowners on the north side of County Road 39 depend on Magee Street as one of the accesses to Tuckahoe. This is not a viable area for a development of this size.

The public hearing, which will be on September 22, should be postponed, giving taxpayers more time to review the issues.

Valerie Harte

Southampton Village


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