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Willful Blindness

Thank you, Anthony Brandt, for the buffoonery you share with us in your column titled “The Real America” [Out Of Left Field, Opinion, September 2]. I must tell you, your views on American history and immigration are textbook Progressive claptrap. Just because you have known and liked people from all over our globe hardly makes your attitude toward open borders rational.

I was a contractor for almost 40 years and employed an electrician from Argentina, a plumber from China via Germany, a Lithuanian carpenter, a mason from Italy, and a painter from Honduras. I went to an elementary school that was 50 percent minority. None of these life experiences has led me to your conclusion that America has an evil history and that unfettered immigration should be welcomed.

I find your very stilted and elite posture an insult to Americans who cherish the true sacrifices that have been made in our evolution and the unique principles of freedom we have literally introduced to our savage planet. A proud reason to resist your revisionism and ignorance.

As for your support of free access to this country without concern for who is coming to share our great experiment in self-government, how will you weed out the inevitable criminals and terrorists? Will you be willing to take responsibility for the terrible consequences that are inevitable because our FBI, Border Patrol and local police are overwhelmed by the unaccounted persons, who will possibly reach almost 2 million in this first year of the Biden presidency?

All immigration is not bad, and that is something any Conservative or Republican will easily agree with. But as a citizen, I want a policy that addresses the needs of my country, not those of every nation that sheds its desperate people who want to come here.

The tide has come in, Mr. Brandt, and it is at flood stage and then some. This is not about a prejudice toward our Spanish-speaking neighbors. It is about responsible governance. Your cavalier attitude and willful blindness toward this human catastrophe is your problem, Mr. Brandt, but when you have a platform in our paper that reaches many of us, I wonder at the judgment of publishers who continually insult its readership with delusional columnists.

Ed Surgan