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Wolf at the Door

I have to admit I was quite shocked when you endorsed Kathy Hochul for governor [“We Mark Our Ballot,” Editorial, October 27]. I wasn’t surprised, but I thought this paper may finally endorse a candidate who represents a total change away from complete failure. This state has been controlled by one party that has basically bankrupted our entire state from its progressive manifesto that has made us demonstratively poorer and unsafe.

Kathy Hochul was not elected. She was given the position when the governor had to resign. Not because his policies killed literally thousands of elderly in nursing homes, but because he harassed women to the point that he had to leave office.

She has not earned the right to represent us.

Clearly, the ghost of Trump lives in your imagination, but the reality is at this point, with two years of absolute Democratic control, our nation is poorer. Inflation is rampant. Gas was $2.40 a gallon, heating oil was under $3 a gallon. But still the ghost of Trump is worse than the reality of life. A sad fact that this newspaper ignores.

In fact, the most important accomplishment this paper mentioned was that she allowed voting for a Community Housing Fund on the East End. Oh, that should solve all our problems. Pathetic that this paper claims an unknown entity as an accomplishment.

The good thing is, we’re not stupid. We know our lives are worse, and we know we need a fix. I think the wave is coming even in New York. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

It’s not a Trump wave — it’s a wave of common sense rooted in our instincts to protect our families during economic and great physical peril when we see it knocking at our doors.

I do question your instincts. How bad does it have to get before such left-wing activism sees the wolf at the door?

Thomas Jones

Sag Harbor