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Won’t Be Fooled

The struggle for political supremacy is now in a desperate full-court press. The object this time round is to blitzkrieg the American economy into a lasting recession.

This will fail, as well, just like the other attempts to damage the president.

The motive for shoving non-stop virus coverage onto our airwaves is so obvious, yet the Democrats of the media are so dumb to think we will succumb to the malicious tactics.

Donald John Trump is here do to the providence of God, while the Democrats of the media have been given over to delusion.

The failure of the media to report on the Saudi/Soviet oil battle is just another predictable omission to try to deceive and scare voters. Since an abundance of oil on the global market will negatively affect the stock market, the reporting of these two oil giants is naturally just ignored.

The absence of the complete news story is half-truth, the sister of fake news.

I heard myself, this morning, a radio news broadcaster attributing the stock market decline to one and only one factor — the virus. The dishonest reporting by the Democrat media is intended to keep the focus and the pressure on virus talk, and not on oil talk.

This is the latest magic bullet to finish off the president.

Knocking out Senator Bernie Sanders quickly for the second time is a big part of their weaponized plan. With no further need to be concerned with covering for their chosen candidate, more time can be used to get Americans to stop spending money throughout the nation and thus bring about their new hope for lasting recession.

We will not be fooled, not for a moment. Barrack Hussein Obama and his well-strung puppet machine will not succeed this time either.

Maybe the socialist, progressive, leftist crowd would profit much by reading the Book of Esther in the Holy Bible.

Bob Dwyer



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