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Words Are Not Enough

To the Sag Harbor Board of Education: I’m grateful for the statement I received via email this morning. I think it is important that we all stand up and use our voices and actions to fight against police brutality and work toward racial justice.

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t point out that those words are not enough, and there is much to be done in our schools to address the racial disparities and inequities that exist.

I implore you: You cannot write those words if you are not willing to step up and now take action.

What would that action look like? For a start:

Hire people of color.

Bring in outside speakers and consultants to help us all understand and work through these difficult topics.

Provide mandatory diversity and inclusion training for all staff.

Have an honest and open dialogue with the community. There are many out there who can help to chart a path forward.

I’m so grateful that you have started this conversation. Now, it’s time to step forward and make a change.

Good luck.

Sarah Cohen

Sag Harbor


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