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Work With Community

Now that the village race is behind us, I want to congratulate Mayor Jesse Warren and Trustee-elects Robin Brown and Roy Stevenson. I also wanted to thank Trustee Mark Parash and Trustee Andrew Pilaro for their service.

It is my hope that the divisiveness and the emotions that have festered over the past several months can be laid to rest.

Southampton is not unique in the problems it faces. We are unique, however, in the fact that we are blessed with beautiful beaches, historic tree-lined streets and a downtown that dates back to colonial times. That is what we have to focus on as a community. How do you preserve the past and yet move forward? That should be the question and focus of our elected officials. Compromise, not entrenched thinking, has to be how we heal and move forward as a community.

Throughout my years of public service, whether as a former member of the Village Planning Commission or now as an elected village trustee, I have often said, “We are stewards of the community.” I take that responsibility very seriously. As long as I am fortunate to hold village office, I commit to all of you to continue to work with my fellow board members and make the best decisions I can for the residents, visitors and employees of Southampton Village.

Joseph R. McLoughlin