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World’s Best Chance

In the spirit of the season, I am happy to acknowledge Mike Anthony and his follow up to my letter criticizing his endorsement of a Democrat initiative to enhance law enforcement capabilities through funding provided in the American Rescue Plan [Crimefighting Tools,” Letters, December 22]. His citing of specific funding to municipalities and their law enforcement help illuminate his support for this initiative. Unfortunately, our 450 word limit on the Letters page can force choices in detail that when left out can shape a very different impression for the reader.

In his original letter, it wasn’t clear to me what the specific pros in his argument were. Mr. Anthony has always been a diligent developer of detail in support of his subject. I appreciate his discipline.

My point, however, was not directed at Democrat funding. My point reflected the current view that Democrat-run cities have become home to a new violence and lawlessness that in lieu of the crime in New York City, most definitely influenced elections here on Long Island.

As a senior citizen, it has become a disturbing fact of our times that our country has become divided into hostile camps. I am as guilty as anyone for this. As an American who grew up in the unrest of the 1960s and 1970s, it can seem this is the nature of a free society. The difference back then was we had statesmanship in our government. Individuals who put country before party. We had a Press that saw to its duty to investigate the truth wherever it led so we the people could trust them to hold our leaders accountable. Our news media still put journalism over ratings.

Today, I am afraid we have seen the corruption of our trusted institutions and an industry created out of misinformation. The stereotypes we have created for each other are straw men without individual nuance. Dialog and conversation are sorely missing as an antidote to this national schism.

I have been submitting letters to this newspaper for 20 years or so. It started as an attempt to offer a contrast to the dominant liberal platform The Press offered a readership that was approximately half conservative by nature. My letters usually were written to offer a response to a liberal commentary, but have become increasingly reactionary to our federal government and national media.

In the New Year, I hope to find fair minded conversation that will help heal this fracture in my world. I will listen first and hope someone will be as curious as I am about how they got to their conclusions. I hope those of you that have lost faith in our experiment in freedom will remember it is this world’s best chance.

Ed Surgan