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Worthy of Vote

The next representative from the 1st Congressional district has to do more. And that person is Bridget Fleming, currently the East End Suffolk County legislator.

Her background, accomplishments and determination to get results speaks for itself. Let me review those areas that she has a specific platform. They include:

Improved economy, protecting the environment, building clean energy, expanded health care system, seniors/Social Security, veterans, equitable tax system, curbing gun violence, and working with LGBTQ community.

See for your yourself — go to BridgetforCongress.com and learn more. I have personally met Bridget many times and strongly believe she has the energy, ability, and commitment to make the difference in your personal lifestyle. She did in mine, particularly in the area of environment, health care, and Social Security. I promise that you will find similar results if you seek help from her. Note: she is very accessible.

While at the voting booth in November, also consider strongly her companion candidates seeking office, who are Fred W. Thiele Jr. (longtime active East End State Assembly member) and Skyler Johnson, running for State Senate position in the same Eastern Long Island region. Plus, Kathy Hochul for governor and Proposition #3 for the Community Housing Fund. All are very worthy of your vote.

Most important, do vote on November 8. The country needs citizen participation now more than ever.

Tom Hadlock