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Worthy Sacrifice

Land preservation and any choice to protect the environment always comes with sacrifices, but the sacrifices are well worth it. Every piece of property that the Peconic Land Trust has preserved has been deprived of development, deprived of a store or supermarket or multiple-use dwelling or public through-way. All are sacrifices for land preservation.

By comparison to our neighbors in Sag Harbor Village, who are fighting off commercial developers, our “developers” want to build a world-class garden, a showcase of beauty in the middle of our village, connected to what will again become our magnificent, clean lake.

But, yes, it does require a sacrifice.

But look around you, people. Look at the development and commercialization of the other villages in the Hamptons and ask yourself: Do we really have a problem here? Is building a world-class garden designed by a world-class architect a problem? Or are we creating one just because we don’t want to sacrifice?

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village